Crazy Ice Cream Flavors & Intriguing Sundae Toppings

Sundae Who doesn’t love ice cream? Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chip…there’s all kinds of flavors to choose from. But nowadays it seems that there are new flavors coming out all the time—and many of them are just plain wacky! Would...


Who doesn’t love ice cream? Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chip…there’s all kinds of flavors to choose from. But nowadays it seems that there are new flavors coming out all the time—and many of them are just plain wacky! Would you eat lobster ice cream? The same could be said for Sundae toppings too! Have you tried buttered popcorn or green tea on top of your Sundae? But if you’re weary with the traditional toppings and flavors of ice cream, then you just might enjoy something unique and perhaps these will sound really good to you!

Weird Ice Cream Flavors

Curry Carrot –  is actually a spin-off of Japanese Curry Ice Cream. It just has a bit of a Western flare. It blends milk, heavy

Carrot Ice Cream
Carrot Ice Cream

cream, coconut milk, curry powder, egg yolks, shredded carrots, brown sugar and a spurt of lime or lemon. The inspiration for the carrots was taken from Carrot Cake Ice Cream and the mix of curry and carrots is just deliciously creamy!

Candied Bacon – For those who love bacon this is truly an ice cream for you for this is a unification of savory and sweet flavors. This is a rich combination of rum ice cream flavored with thick pieces of candied bacon that’s sprinkled generously with brown sugar.

Blue Cheese and Caramelized Shallots – This flavor, created by two Irish brothers, is certainly not for the faint of heart! It’s a very pungent ice cream flavor that’s made with egg yolks, sugar, butter or oil, cream, blue cheese, milk and banana shallots. This is a great flavor to cleanse the palate after you’ve been eating a lot of garlic.

Sweet Corn – This may sound like an unusual flavor here in America, but this creamy, sweet tasting ice cream a common choice in Asia. It’s so easy to make too! A corn cob gets simmered for 10 minutes in a pot of cream and milk; then it gets taken out of the pot and the corn is removed and combined with egg yolks, sugar and vanilla extract to simmer for 10 more minutes. Once it reaches the proper thickness, the mixture is chilled before being placed into the ice cream maker.

Sweet Corn Ice Cream
Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Japanese Black Sesame – Restaurants in Japan love to serve this cold treat. Black sesame can completely alter a dessert and the seeds give the ice cream a raven-colored appearance. Blending roasted black sesame seeds, sugar, honey, vanilla, egg yolks, milk, black sesame seed paste and heavy cream gives you a surprisingly distinct toasty, nutty flavor.

Fig and Goat Cheese Swirl – Chef Michael Mulligan from Florida can lay claim to this smooth combination. The terrific pairing of cheese and figs is what encouraged Michael to attempt to create this ice cream. So how did he do it? First, he made the ice creams separately and just before sticking them into the freezer he swirled them together which formed the beautiful pink-purplish, yellow color. He made the ice creams individually because he was afraid each distinct flavor would get lost if they were blended together as the icy treat was being made. Fig ice cream is a sweet, honeyed ice cream with a vivid color of pink or purple and the seeds give it a slight crunch; goat cheese ice cream is rich, yellowish, thick and has a tanginess to it. The combination’s such a pretty and delectable ice cream!

Bourbon and Cornflakes – Humphrey Slocombe, an ice cream shop in San Francisco, is responsible for this concoction. This particular blending of cornflakes, smooth vanilla ice cream and spiked with bourbon is known as “Secret Breakfast”. A different spin on ice cream to be sure!

Fascinating Sundae Toppings

Fruit Cocktail
Fruit Cocktail

Here are some peculiar, but tasty, toppings. Try one of them—or a combination—on your next bowl of ice cream or Sundae!

  • Peach preserves
  • Cocoa nibs
  • Date syrup, organic
  • Pineapple compote
  • Vanilla fleur de sel is simply sea salt mixed with ground vanilla beans
  • Crystalized ginger
  • Pomegranate molasses
  • Toasted pumpkin seeds


  • Lemon curd is a tart, rich spread
  • Coffee jelly cubes, something like fruit gelatin, this sweet Japanese gelatin makes a great addition to any dessert—so why not ice cream?
  • Toasted, unsweetened coconut
  • Brandied cherries
  • Graham cracker crumbs
  • Candied lemon peel
  • Feuilletine (foo-ye-teen) are flakes from France that taste like small, pieces of sugar cone
  • Caramel corn
  • Chocolate pearls
  • Balsamic reduction
  • Olive oil granola
  • Crushed gingersnaps
  • Edible lavender florets
  • Olive oil, good-quality
  • Nut brittle, broken up
  • Nutella, warm
  • Salted Spanish peanuts

Whether you’re bored with the classic flavors and toppings or would just like to try something new, these ice cream flavors and toppings will satisfy your curiosity for the exotic. So go ahead, be daring and try one—or even two!

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