Make Breakfast Interesting: Try a Traditional Japanese Breakfast

The mealtime experience of breakfast is a highly significant part of the day for most Japanese. A breakfast termed as traditional in Japan consists of rice, miso soup, an omelet, broiled fish, and tsukemono which is a dish containing...

The mealtime experience of breakfast is a highly significant part of the day for most Japanese. A breakfast termed as traditional in Japan consists of rice, miso soup, an omelet, broiled fish, and tsukemono which is a dish containing a variety of vegetables. Other food items include: soy beans, pickles, and toasted noro which is dried seaweed. The Japanese style of cooking can be accomplished using special kinds of cooking devices or in making use of regular westernized cooking equipment too.

Tamagoyaki -- rolled omelet

A pan which is a rectangle as far as shape is the best pan to use when making the Japanese rolled omelet. The ingredients of the rolled Japanese omelet follow.

Japanese Rolled Omelet
Japanese Rolled Omelet


  • six large eggs
  • 4 tsp sugar
  • two tablespoons mirin
  • salt (according to taste)
  • three table spoons dashi soup stock
  • 1 tsp soy salt
  • vegetable oil


  1. Start out with a large mixing bowl.
  2. Beat the eggs inside the large mixing bowl.
  3. Add Mirin, sugar, soy sauce, salt to taste, and Dashi soup stock.
  4. Beat the above ingredients until well blended.
  5. Heat the rectangular pan with a small portion of vegetable oil.
  6. Pour a part of the egg mixture into the rectangular pan.
  7. Once the egg mixture beings to set, start rolling it, shifting it to a side of the pan.
  8. Pour the remaining mixture into the portion of the rectangular pan that remains. Let the mixture spread underneath the first roll.
  9. Once the mixture is half-way cooked; roll the second mixture over the first mixture. Continue the process until all of the mixture is used.
  10. Once the omelet is cooked fully: remove it from the pan.
  11. Cut the rolled omelet into sections.

Tip for persons using a frying pan instead of a rectangular pan:

When making use of a frying pan: place the rolled omelet onto a sheet of bamboo, and cut off the edges that spread outward.

Miso Soup

Miso soup is a very common breakfast dish in Japan. It is served generally with steamed rice during the meal of breakfast. Miso is a soybean paste commonly used in the dishes of Japan. Additionally, the kind of Miso and the types of ingredients used in the soup changes the outcome of how the soup tastes. The following recipe is Miso soup made with the solidly nutritional ingredient: Tofu.

Miso Soup
Miso Soup


  • one block of tofu
  • two green onions
  • three to four tablespoons of miso paste
  • three cups dashi soup stock


  1. Cut the tofu block into cubes;
  2. Cut the green onions into pieces.
  3. Use a heavy pan and heat the soup stock. Use a medium heat setting.
  4. When the stock starts to boil; lower the setting and add the pieces of tofu to it.
  5. Allow the tofu and stock to cook for a reasonable period of time.
  6. Once the stock and tofu seem sufficiently cooked; spoon out some of the stock into a small bowl.
  7. Mix the stock and tofu with miso. The miso must be well dissovled after mixing it with the stock and tofu.
  8. Pour the liquid mixture back into the heavy pan; stirring slowly.
  9. Turn off the heat before the mixture begins boiling;
  10. Add the pieces of green onion to it.

Other vegetables that can be added to Miso soup include the following:

  • Chinese cabbage
  • Japanese pumpkin
  • Potatoes
  • Mushrooms

Other food items the cook may wish to consider with regard to a traditional Japanese breakfast:

The miso soup and the rolled omelet are the primary dishes served during a traditional Japanese breakfast. Salty Japanese pickles are also another food item enjoyed during Breakfast by the Japanese. The Japanese pickle is made up of cucumbers; cabbage. Additionally, salmon is a favored dish enjoyed during breakfast and can be added to the menu if the cook so desires.

Japanese Breakfast
Japanese Breakfast

How to serve a traditional Japanese breakfast:

A breakfast in Japan is served in a very interesting manner. The food is served in bowls. The rice is placed to the left of the individual invited to breakfast and the Miso soup is placed to the right of the same diner.

Certainly, western influences have made an impact on Japanese cuisine; however, that said the people of Japan still enjoy their breakfast in a fashion which is considered highly traditional. It is to the cook's benefit to allow his or her family to experience a traditional Japanese breakfast in the same manner when serving it.

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